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Black FriXion Pen


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Those cunning chemists in Pilot's ink labs have come up with a new twist on the perennial search for an effective erasable pen. The ink laid down by the Frixion rollerball disappears under friction! The end of the pen has a hard plastic eraser, which when rubbed over the writing causes the colour to disappear from the ink. You can then write over it again with the same pen. How does it work? Metamocolor technology! 'Metamocolor' is a word entirely made up by Pilot marketing people, but basically it's a type of thermo-reactive ink. The heat generated by the friction causes the ink to become translucent (at 65°C fact-hounds!). Stick it in the freezer (-20°C) and your scribblings will re-appear - albeit slightly faded. Ideal for secret messages and a lot easier than that old lemon juice and candle flames malarkey.
The ink laid down by the Frixion rollerball disappears when touched with an iron!
Manufacturer SKU: FX7BLK

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